Hooria Sardarzada (Afghanistan)

Hooria Sardarzada uses her positions of political influence both in government and civil society organizations to advocate for women’s rights and political participation in Afghanistan. Currently serving as a member of the senior advisory office to Afghanistan’s President in UN Affairs, Hooria is helping to create and influence policies that address a variety of women’s challenges during the peacebuilding process at the national level. This has included communicating closely with United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan and their partners to strengthen the peacebuilding process in Afghanistan through women and youth. Hooria is also playing a major role in organizing dialogues with NGOs and women’s organizations to discuss how Afghanistan can build more inclusive peace.

In addition to her political work, Hooria serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the Women Initiative for Sustainable Energy. This is a newly established association registered with Afghanistan’s Ministry of Justice which aims to encourage women entrepreneurs to engage with the sustainable energy sector through advocacy campaigns and capacity-building. Hooria has also been involved with producing peace related content for radio and media outlets. She served as Youth Program Producer at Internews Network and Salam Watander Radio where she organized different programs that covered Afghan Peace Volunteers. These programs helped to provide support to youth who had been affected by war and gave voice to the changes youth would like to see in their community.