Laxmi Tamang

Conflicts further restricts women’s movement and their income earning power creating further barriers for women to access health. According to research conducted by the International Center for Transitional Justice[1], a large number of women affected by the war in Nepal suffer from gynecological disorders.

Recovery for Nepalese women would necessarily include addressing their reproductive health challenges, including difficult issues such as taboos around menstruation.

Tamang, is a nurse from Laltipur in Nepal, who is an active blogger on gender equality and importance of sexual reproductive health rights and justice for marginalized women in Nepal.  She demonstrates leadership through her work as a leading co-founder in a nurse-midwives independent birthing center, and runs a number of initiatives that are much needed in Nepal to provide services for women.

[1] https://www.ictj.org/sites/default/files/ICTJ-Nepal-Across-Lines-2010-English.pdf

Country: Nepal

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