Maryam Amarkhila

Born in Afghanistan, Maryam Amarkhila fled as a refugee when the conflict escalated in 1996.  She grew up in a family that highly valued education, her father saw education as an escape for his children, away from their lives as refugees in Pakistan. When they returned to their village in Afghanistan, her family faced backlash for sending their daughters to school.

This harsh criticism did not stop Maryam Amarkhila from pursuing her education. In fact, she was even able to find further motivation in the criticisms and started fighting this gender-based injustice against young girls. She started educating girls and mobilizing her community to raise awareness on the importance of girls education.

Despite attacks and threats to her life, Maryam Amarkhila continues to fight for girls education and to sensitize her community not only on the necessity of girls education.  

Country: Afghanistan
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