Mutiara Taripar Paulo Pasaribu

Mutiara Taripar Paulo Pasaribu uses academic research spanning across a variety issues including gender-based violence exacerbated by conflict, women in peacebuilding, shifting approaches of peacebuilding to include those who are most affected by conflict to advocate for women’s rights.

Mutiara has helped to conceptualised and implement a number of initiatives on   women, peace and security for organisations, including:  Women’s Participation and Inclusive Society Project, Kmanek Peacebuilding Project and Women Transforming Conflict for Common Ground.

Through her work with these organisations, Mutiara has been working towards women’s increased participation in peacebuilding and that a gender sensitive approach to peace negotiations is adopted in post-conflict regions of Aceh, Kalimantan, Java, Maluku, Sulawesi and Papua. Mutiara uses academic research as the basis for project design and implementation in a manner that directly responds to the intersections of Women, Peace and Security in the region.