Nirnaya Shrestha

Nepal has been through a decade of violent conflict that has left 13,000 people dead and 1,300 missing, which ended in 2006. The country is still facing today the aftermath of this conflict as truth is being brought to light[1].

Nirnaya Shrestha is a 39 years old singer, who works to spread peaceful music, while denouncing war through his songs. Looking at the impact war has had on the youth and their educations, Sherestha focuses his art on spreading messages and raising awareness on the importance of peace and education. These theme are recurrent in his song and music tours.

He works with children, focusing on their education spreading his philosophy “Education is the foundation of life”. He acts as a goodwill ambassador of many national and international organizations.


[1] http://www.ohchr.org/EN/Countries/AsiaRegion/Pages/NepalConflictReport.aspx

Country: Nepal
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