Noor Huda Ismail

Decisions made by combatants (often men), significantly impact the lives of their family and friends, especially the women, who are often left with no answers but cast aside, and distrusted by their communities and  law enforcement agencies.

Born and raised in Indonesia, Noor Huda Ismail has been at the forefront in the region documenting and telling these stories. He himself is not untouched by them, with close friends, including his roommate leaving to fight with extremist organizations. In his widely acclaimed movie Jihad Selfie, Ismail offers an insight into the lives of the fighters but also the depth of disappear their mothers and sisters go through, a side of the story that is often untold.

Ismail runs  a Think-Tank The Institute for International Peace Building  that works with former combatants and also works on empowering women affected by conflict and violence. His tireless efforts are focused on conflict affected areas such as Poso, Central Sulawesi and Solo in Central Java.

[1] http://wps.unwomen.org/

Country: Indonesia
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