Prisma Singh Tharu

Peace processes that are inclusive and consultative provides an opportunity to address traditional hierarchical systems that have been discriminatory towards marginalized groups especially women. Nepal has taken proactive steps to abolish its age old bonded labour system. Many women at grassroots level across Nepal worked to lead the campaign to free bonded laborers and are working to ensure women can enjoy the full benefits of these new found freedoms.

Prisma Singh Tharu, was born and lives in the Bardia District, a remote country side with marginalized ethnic communities, that was at the heart of the conflict in Nepal. According to ICRC[1] more disappearances (men) were recorded in Bardia than any other district, leaving women without answers.

Tharu is prominent women leader in Bardia, working to transform the society through education, freedom, and democratic process. She was a key figure in the campaign to free bonded labourers. In 2003 she established the Tharu Women Upliftment Centre to help women through education and economic transformation. Her work now reaches over 30,000 households.

[1] https://www.icrc.org/eng/resources/documents/news-footage/2012/nepal-tvnews-2012-03-06.htm

Country: Nepal
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