While the conflict in Ache ended in 2005, the community is left with a lot of unanswered questions. Women especially are vulnerable to post conflict challenges, including, domestic violence, sex trafficking, and rehabilitation of former female combatants.

Rahmatan, works as a counselor  and provides psycho social support to women and children who have experienced domestic and sexual violence and trafficking. She also strives to reintegrate former women combatants back into society. She is actively engaged in humanitarian aid and assist in refugee camps in North and South Aceh and Pidie. Alone or with a team, often with only a motorbike, Rahmatan travels to remote places in Aceh that have been impacted with violence and massacre in order to help. She works to address human rights abuses in Aceh especially in the treatment of political prisoners in detention camps. Rahmatan is a part of Sentral Informasi Referendum Aceh (SIRA), the biggest social movement in Aceh today.

Country: Indonesia
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