Sangita Gyenwaly

Sangita Gyenwaly has made her mark on thePahari people in Mahottari Districtby recognising the potential human capital that exists through the women in this district. As Project Coordinator for the Rural Development Services Council, Sangita has created programmes that use a gendered approach to education, health, and political participation. She has created literacy programmes for women to empower them through education. In 2002, she created an emergency health service which not only provides medical services to everyone in the community, but also informs women of their reproductive rights and specialises in maternal healthcare services. 

Determined to see change in her community, Sangita created the Women Forum (Mahila Munch) providing women with a platform to discuss their rights. Sangita went on to institute the Constitutional Dialogues to inform communities about the rights of women. Frequently referred to as ‘the Mediator’ in the Mahottari District, and through sensitizing communities on gender-based violence, focusing on women’s health and promotion of women’s rights and freedoms, Sangita has tackled issues encompassing the women, peace and security agenda from the grassroots level up.