Sarina Faizy (Afghanistan)

Coming from Kandahar, Afghanistan, Sarina (22 years) grew up in a volatile conflict zone. In her various roles as a peace activist, Sarina has continuously put her security and safety on the line. From 2012-2016, Sarina worked with the US Forces in Afghanistan as a media relations officer for the Kandahar Media and Information Center (KMIC). In this position, Sarina developed messages with the Peace Council, Head of the Kandahar Ulema Council of Religious Scholars, Director of Hajj and Religious Affairs and the Director of Women’s Affairs. She was instrumental during many security situations and performed invaluable duties to keep the public informed.

At just twenty years old, Sarina Faizy became an elected member of the Kandahar Provincial Council in 2015 and continues to hold a seat there three years later. Sarina uses her political position to advocate for the rights of women both provincially and nationally, and has acted as an unwavering advocate for peace and gender equality in Kandahar.