Sarita Kumari Sharma

Sarita Kumari Sharma is a politician working in the Mahottari District of Nepal. She is a prominent member of her party’s Central Committee (Rastriya Janta Party) and in 2017, she was elected as a member of the Provincial Assembly for Mahottari Province 2(B). Mahottari district consists of a diverse agrarian community with prevalent issues such as discrimination based on gender, ethnicity and caste. The region records low literacy rates with statistics showing that 57% of the men are literate and a staggering 37% of women with the ability to read and write.

She is the Founder and Chairperson of the Madhesh Society Welfare Centre – an organisation that helps marginalised women and children in Dhanusha and Mahottari districts. The Centre also provides education programs and hosts workshops on HIV/AIDS and other health-related issues for women.

Despite being injured as a result of political violence in the Mahottari district in 2017, she continues to exercise her political rights in addition to promoting women’s participation in electoral processes.