Sarwat Sughra

Sarwat Sughra is the Founder and one of the Directors for Community for Common Good – an organisation that works toward the eradication of poverty in Pakistan through the implementation of development programmes and provision of legal support. Poverty often disproportionately affects women in society – its eradication therefore correlates with the empowerment of women. 

 Sarwat’s work touches on different elements of Women, Peace and Security – poverty, political participation, and women’s access to public institutions. Gilgit-Baltistan has a rich language culture with approximately 10 languages spoken in this region. Sarwat works with the government of Gilgit-Baltistan as well as several international stakeholders to preserve the language and the culture of the region. This project includes working with the municipal library to preserve documents inscribed in local language; this is significant because of the low levels of standardised Urdu or English Language learning amongst women in the region. Preserving common spoken languages allows women access to information, the economic market, and the opportunity to engage with the community in their native tongue.

Sarwat has lobbied for gender inclusive legislative reforms and executed capacity building workshops for in Gilgit-Baltistan, focusing on skills training, education and the prevention of violence against women.