Sayeeda Muradi

Name: Sayeeda Muradi

Country: Afghanistan

The majority of women who face rights violations in conflicted affected areas do not receive justice and have almost no voice in the justice system. In Afghanistan, women in leadership positions at the provincial level are almost invisible. Afghanistan has 34 Provincial Peace Council’s,[1] and is constituted of 420 Peace Counselors[2], of which there are only 75 women.

Sayeeda Muradi is from the Faryab Province in Afghanistan, located in the north of the country bordering Turkmenistan. This historical melting pot, has been severely impacted by the conflict in Afghanistan, debilitating the infrastructure and hugely impacting the lives and freedoms of the people especially women.

Muradi, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Political Science from Balkh University, has been working in the region to help empower women and bring justice to the rights violations they face. She works to develop ‘Peace Shuras’, reviving a long tradition of tribal mechanism which convenes to resolve disputes. The Shuras Muradi works with, are led by women to find solutions to settle disputes within families, and communities at tribal and district levels. Her work covers seven districts in the Faryab Province and reaches 120 communities.

Muradi is also an active campaigner in the region advocating for the inclusion of women in the formal peace processes, such as the Provincial Peace Council (PPC).

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[2] https://www.ndi.org/afghanistan-provincial-councils


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