Shaheen Munawar

 Education for girls remains a significant challenge for Pakistan with only only 65% of girls attending  primary school and 29% reaching secondary school.

Shaheen Munawar, is woman from the Sindh Province living in Karachi. One evening, a stray bullet entered Shaheen Muanwar’s husband body ending his life, making Shaheen a widow with five children and little means to make ends meet. Her school teacher’s salary could not cover the costs and Muwar had to look for ways to care for her children.   She applied for a loan from the Khushhali Microfinance Bank, started a small school in her neighborhood ‘Wisdom Grammar School’. Today, the school educates more than 300 students, employs 12 teachers, and increases employment opportunities in her community. She waives enrollment fees for many children who cannot afford it. Munawar, now owns the land under her school and has demonstrated to the women in her community that they too can succeed as entrepreneurs.

Country: Pakistan
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