Shughnia Ramzjo (Afghanistan)

Shughnia Ramzjo (24 years) is a student at the American University of Central Asia. She volunteers with organisations such as the Red Cross and A World at School to empower girls and women in Kabul through education. 

In June 2018, Shughnia received a certificate of appreciation for the positive work that she has done supporting youth dialogues at the ‘Women’s Participation in Peace Talks with the Taliban’, hosted by Kabul University. She is also the winner of several prizes, including the Debating Championship awarded in 2014 by the Kabul Debating Championship for her contributions. Her work in empowerment has been recognised by Afghans for Progressive Thinking – an organisation that facilitates youth debates around issues of peace and security in Afghanistan. Shughnia has also served as Global Youth Ambassador, helping youth groups to lobby for the Women, Peace and Security Agenda and promote women peacebuilders.