Srijana Karki

Not only do women face high levels of sexual and gender-based violence during conflict, post-conflict, areas impacted by the conflict, also report higher levels of gender-based violence.

Srijana Karki, lives and works in Jhule, Dolakha, Nepal, a rural city which was impacted by the conflict.  She has worked for more than a decade fighting for women who face gender based violence and for women’s rights.   She provides shelter, advocacy, legal and other protection services to survivors of gender based violence. She also works to ensure women’s rights are upheld in the legal system and they retain equal property rights in cases of divorce, polygamy, etc.  Her current NGO work is with the District Alliance Woman Human Rights Defender in Dolakha and through the organization, she holds training for women’s awareness, discussion programs with the stakeholders; highlights and discusses domestic and political violence and women’s issues at the national and international level so they can be discussed and solved.

Country: Nepal
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