Tayyaba Hussain

Tayyaba Hussain is a social entrepreneur from Lahore using business strategies to empower women and girls. She conducts seminars on women’s empowerment which are produced and disseminated online, and in 2017 was selected as one of the 250 Most Influential Ladies of Pakistan by the News International.  

She is the founder of the Youth Vision Foundation which encourages youth to engage in political and social change issues. Through her company “Belleze”, Tayyaba has created a business model that provides training for young women in Lahore, Pakistan.

According to the 2016 UN Women Report on Economic Empowerment of Women in Pakistan, it was found that only 26% of women are part of the labour force and those who do work are often subjected to unfair labour practices, gender wage gaps, and low wages. These women also do much of the unpaid family labour. The model created by Tayyaba Hussain is aimed at remedying this issue from a grassroots level. Through her example she promotes the perception of women in leadership positions in the world of business and advocates for increased participation of women in positions of authority.