Tuan Cer Sung “Cheery” Zahau

Research plays has a huge role in the peace process, especially in documenting and analysing human rights violations that can be used to advocate for justice. Women in research and reporting roles continue to play a crucial role in bringing voice to women impacted by conflict.

Feminist, human rights activist and researcher Zahau is from a remote Chin Village in Myanmar – a predominantly Christian minority group and now one of the poorest ethnic groups in the country. She grew up as a refugee in the India-Burma border, and joined the democracy movement and volunteered at the Chin Women’s Organization (CWO). There she worked as a news editor for a quarterly bulletin focusing on women’s issues, and collected and chronicled articles written by ordinary Chin women who did not have opportunities to contribute to male-dominated publication outlets. At 22, Cheery founded the Women’s League of Chinland (WLC) by bringing all of the Chin tribal groups to work together for the advancement of Chin women. More recently, Cheery co-authored “Unsafe State” a report on sexual violence committed against Chin women.

Country: Myanmar
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