Twinkle Bautista

A dialogue on peace between communities with different religious and ethnic backgrounds is necessary for communities for peaceful co-existence.

Twinkle Bautista is from the Kalinga province in northern Philippines. She is a community worker who has worked extensively, on peacebuilding and peacemaking. For nearly a decade, she has worked in several capacities with different indigenous communities across the Philippines seeking to bridge faith-based peace frameworks with that of indigenous cultures and traditions. For the past 8 years, Batiste has been a part of Peacebuilders Community Inc (PBCI), a missionary community motivated by principles of non-violence, love, and spirituality to transform land and people into communities committed to justice and peace. Her role is a strategic consultant and she works closely with communities in Kalinga on economic regeneration through coffee farming; and in the development of their School of Living Traditions. She also engages with communities in the Visayas, towards the economic regeneration and cultural development of the Ati tribe.

Country: Philippines
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