Zahra Sepher

Afghanistan is the second most dangerous country, after Syria, for a woman to be journalist.

Sepehr grew up as refugee in Iran during the Soviet-Afghan war.  She now lives in Afghanistan and works as a journalist and writes extensively on the condition of Afghan refugees. She is the first woman acting as a Media Operator/ Moderator of political programs during the last presidential election. In addition to reporting on gender equality and empowerment of women, Sepher works to enhance the role of women in the media, by conducting training for women in multimedia and journalism

From the young age of 15 Sephr has continuously campaigned on rights of Afghan refugees especially the women. In 2011, Sepehr founded the Development and Support of Afghan Women and Children Organization (DSAWCO), a campaign to end violence against women. In Afghanistan, where women are deterred from holding leadership positions, discouraged from having a voice and struggling for their rights and equality, Sepehr is a courageous activist committed to women’s empowerment and improving the political and social affairs of women in Afghanistan.

Country: Afghanistan
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