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Directory of Organizations

Connect with organizations and institutions working on conflict prevention, resolution and peace building in the region.

Swedish Committee for Afghanistan

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan is a non-governmental organisation working to help rebuild Afghanistan after decades of war and destruction. SCA is today active in 18 provinces in the eastern half of the country, primarily in the fields of education, health and disability. Since operations began in the early 1980s, emergency aid has gradually evolved into long-term development programmes. The focus has always been on vulnerable groups, primarily in rural, underserved areas. Through its activities, SCA aims at fighting poverty, supporting economic and social development and strengthening democratic development and gender & human rights. SCA is working towards being an integrated and unified membership organisation where members, elected representatives and personnel, both in Afghanistan and Sweden, work together in a spirit of recpect and in a dialogue aimed at realising the SCA policy.

e-mail: info@sca.org.af
website: None

Country: Afghanistan

Takal Welfare Organization

Takal welfare organization (TWO) is a youth-led organization established in 2007 with the aim to facilitate the poor, neglected, and/or marginalized segment of the population and got registered in October 2009 under ‘Voluntary Social Welfare Ordinance Act 1961’.


Country: Pakistan

Takal Welfare Organization

Takal Welfare Organization (TWO) is a local not for profit, non-political and youth-led organization working in KPK/FATA, Pakistan. Takal welfare organization (TWO) was established in 2007 with the aim to facilities the poor, neglected, and/or marginalized segment of the population and got registered in October 30, 2009 under ‘Voluntary Social Welfare Ordinance Act 1961’ & later on also registered with FATA Social Welfare Department. The philosophy behind the establishment of Takal Welfare Organization was to bring respite among the lives of those vulnerable communities and youth who are quite far from the normal standard of life. TWO is committed to work with the youth of rural communities, especially the conflicts and disaster stricken. Since its inception TWO has flourished in terms of its program operations and team’s growth.

Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
e-mail: takalwelfare@gmail.com
website: www.takal.org

Country: Pakistan

The Active Nonviolence Education Center

The Need for Active Non-violence The need for active nonviolent means to settle disputes and to challenge oppressive power has never been greater in our world. Despite impressive advances in education, health and science, human beings are more than ever resorting to violence to settle their disagreements and problems. The twentieth century has proven itself as the most violent in history with tens of millions of people killed as the result of war. There is genuine cause for concern to seek means to de-escalate the pattern that has been set in motion. In previous history, the examples set by Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King have shown the world that active non-violent demonstration is a highly successful form of protest that yields victory for oppressed people.

e-mail: addy21817@yahoo.com, infoanec@yahoo.com, infoanec@anec.org.in, info@anec.org.in
website: None

Country: India

The Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU)

The Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit (AREU) is an independent research institute based in Kabul. AREU’s mission is to inform and influence policy and practice through conducting high-quality, policy-relevant research and actively disseminating the results, and to promote a culture of research and learning. To achieve its mission AREU engages with policymakers, civil society, researchers and students to promote their use of AREU’s research and its library, to strengthen their research capacity, and to create opportunities for analysis, reflection and debate. As an impartial Afghanistan-based voice dedicated to research excellence, AREU aspires to contribute to the development of inclusive and transparent policymaking processes, driven by the priorities of the Afghan people, which give rise to better informed policies and programmes that improve Afghan lives.

e-mail: areu@areu.org.af
website: None

Country: Afghanistan

The Asia Foundation,

Fund management and institutional support to donor organizations seeking to reduce conflict in Asia

e-mail: tafpk@asiafound.org
website: None

Country: Pakistan

The Centre for Gender Resarch and Studies, Satya Wacana Christian University

The Centre for Gender Research and Studies Satya Wacana Christian University has been established on 1996. We active for empowering and assisted the women and children victims of violence. Also since 2012, the CGRS SWCU cooperate with several The Centre of Women/Gender Studies in universities, NGO'S, and women organisation in several activities on the interfaith gender equality and ecological justice programmes

Jl. Diponegoro 52-60, Salatiga 50711
Ina Hunga
website: www.uksw.edu

Country: Indonesia

The Civil Society and Human Rights Network

The Civil Society and Human Rights Network (CSHRN) was founded in 2004. Since then, CSHRN has managed to emerge as a credible body among national and international actors with a well functioning structure. It consists today of 60 organizations including most of Afghan human rights organizations. The overall goal of CSHRN is to strengthen the rule of law and respect for human rights in Afghanistan through increasing the understanding of human rights concepts among civil society organizations and through public human rights awareness raising. The overall objective of the current phase is to establish a strong human rights movement and to strengthen the rule of law and respect for human rights inAfghanistan. Though, It is anticipated that the three key areas of intervention i.e.coordination, capacity building and advocacy will remain valid under phase 3; however, a certain shift planned from human rights capacity building, on which the second phase was largely focused, to human rights monitoring and advocacy.

e-mail: nn_cshrn@yahoo.com
website: None

Country: Afghanistan

the civil society and human rights network

i wish to serve for humanity or our country

Kabul , Afghanistan
e-mail: ibadullah753@gmail.com
website: arifepanna.blogepot.com

Country: Afghanistan

The Foundation for Co-existence


e-mail: foundation@fce.lk, info@fce.lk, director@fce.lk, krupesinghe1@gmail.com
website: None

Country: Sri Lanka

The Indian Society of International Law

The objectives of the ISIL inter alia are:  To foster nation-wide, the study and development of international law;  To interpret through its forums and publications, the application of international law as chiefly affecting India;  To encourage the comparative study of the application of international law in other states; and  To promote research in international law.

V.K. Krishna MenonBhawan 9, BhagwanDass Road New Delhi-110001, India

e-mail: isil@giasdl01.vsnl.net.in
website: None

Country: India

The Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS)

Mission Statement To develop an alternative and independent framework for peace and security studies in South Asia Who We Are The Institute conducts independent research on conventional and non-conventional security issues in the region and shares its findings with policy makers and the public. It provides a forum for discussion with the strategic community on strategic issues and strives to explore alternatives. Moreover, it works towards building capacity among young scholars for greater refinement of their analyses of South Asian security.

B 7/3 Lower Ground Floor, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi 110029, INDIA.

e-mail: officemail@ipcs.org
website: None

Country: India


MISSION/ MANDATE: The International Centre, Goa is founded “to promote understanding and amity between parts of the country and with different communities of the world” through a multiplicity of activities. These include: - Conferences, seminars, study courses, training programmes and lectures; - Research on cultural, social, economic and political matters; - Interaction and affiliation with national and international professional and educational bodies; - Dissemination of information through reports, journals and books; - The provision of fellowships and scholarships.

Goa University Road, Dona Paula Post, Dona Paula, Goa 403 004, India

e-mail: tech@incentgoa.com
website: None

Country: India

The Norwegian Afghanistan Committee,

What makes NAC standout among other contemporary organizations is the fact that except for the Program Advisor in Kabul, all the NAC staff members working inside Afghanistan are Afghans and they are directly responsible for management of projects. By making use of their local knowledge and skills, NAC functions as an organization making contributions on ground in Afghanistan for Afghan people through Afghan people. Proud of our close to three decades of contribution to development and rehabilitation in Afghanistan, we aim at reaching out to those who are in need and improve their lives through a consultative process between Afghanistan and Norway. We believe that with the help of donors and our commitment, together we can contribute towards the better future of Afghanistan and its citizens.

e-mail: nacdirector@neda.af
website: None

Country: Afghanistan

The South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre (SAHRDC)

The South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre (SAHRDC) is a network of individuals across the region. It seeks to investigate, document and disseminate information about human rights treaties and conventions, human rights education, refugees, media freedom, prison reforms, political imprisonment, torture, summary executions, disappearances and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. SAHRDC has Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. The office of SAHRDC is based in New Delhi. It is a small office with little resources. There are seven people working regularly besides a hard core of a dozen volunteers. The core volunteers help us on our requests on a specific issue (i.e., lawyers, medical practitioners, journalists, computer programmers and other resource persons). Besides Indian volunteers, we have an internship programme, which attracts students and scholars from universities in India and abroad.

e-mail: rnairsahrdc@gmail.com
website: None

Country: India

ThinkActPeace Foundation, Inc. (TAP)

employing a holistic approach to community development Health, food, and sanitation Sustainable livelihood Literacy, media and technology Civic and social participation Mental and spiritual wellness

e-mail: tap@thinkactpeace.org
website: None

Country: Philippines

Third World Studies Center (TWSC)

Vision and Mission The TWSC envisions itself as the premier social science research center of the University of the Philippines. Its mission is to develop critical, alternative paradigms to promote progressive scholarship and action for change by undertaking pioneering research on issues of national and international concern; creating spaces for discussion and dialogue; publishing original, empirically-grounded, and innovative studies; and building a community of activist-scholars and public intellectuals. Themes The TWSC focuses on the following areas from a multi-disciplinary perpective Globalization Social Movements Democratic Governance Peace and Human Security Culture and Identity

e-mail: twsc@kssp.upd.edu.ph
website: None

Country: Philippines

Tribal Liaison Office

Tribal Liaison office was founded in December 2003, opening offices in Khost, Paktia, Paktika and Kabul by February 2004. TLO is an Afghan non governmental, non political and non profit organization working in the fields of peace and security initiatives in Southeast provinces of Afghanistan . The mission of the TLO is to facilitate the formal integration of communities and their traditional governance structures with Afghanistan 's governance, security and reconstruction framework. The TLO works in the Southeast to generate formal linkages between peaceful tribal elders, shuras, the government and the international community. TLO is currently operational in five provinces with headquarters in Kabul and field offices in Paktia, Khost and Paktika TLO's activities revolve around four types of activities: 1) research and advocacy, 2) capacity building of the communities, peaceful leaders and the traditional governance structures, 3) coordination among all actors in reconstruction, and 4) facilitating reconstruction efforts.

e-mail: ehsan.zahine@tlo-afghanistan.org, masood.karokhail@tlo-afghanistan.org, tawab.stanikzai@tlo-afghanistan.org
website: None

Country: Afghanistan

Tribal NGOs Consortium

The consortium was established in order to facilitate cooperation, collaboration, and communication among non-governmental FATA based native organisations working to promote peace and sustainable development in FATA. The Consortium has been established to serve the cause of FATA non-governmental organizations and its people for the promotion of peace and development.

e-mail: tncfata@gmail.com
website: None

Country: Pakistan

United Care Foundation

United Care Foundation (UCF) is a nongovernmental organization working in Lahore and its surrounding villages and remote slum areas. UCF conducts awareness raising and skill development training workshops and seminars for marginalized sector of the society especially for oppressed community. It also provides service delivery at door steps in basic health care needs. UCF prime objective is economic empowerment of men and women in community.

Lahore. Pakistan
e-mail: rajashaleem@gmail.com
website: https://www.facebook.com/ucfpakistan.pakistan/about?section=bio&pnref=about

Country: Pakistan

Violence Against Women and Children of Cambodia

VAWCC is a non-government organization working to eliminate all forms of violence against women and children while providing assistance to victims of gender-based abuse of women and children.

71B, St.115, Veal Vong, 7 Makara, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

e-mail: vawcc@forum.org.kh
website: None

Country: Cambodia

Voice of Human Rights in Indonesia (SHMI)

SHMI is a progression of POKASTIM (The Working Group for Welfare and Education of East Timorese) which suspended its activities with the independence of East Timor. POKASTIM addresses issues of human rights and democratisation in East Timor and undertakes investigations of acts of violence in the community when presented with cases of human rights violations. It also holds dialogue and provides education for victims of the New Order, and facilitates dialogue between communities/humanitarian organisations and the government in cases of human rights violations, acts of violence and so forth. SHMI is involved in advocacy, publications and arranging seminars and workshops on human rights. It is also active in networking with other organisations within Indonesia and internationally.

Jl. H. Ramli 29 RT 010 RW 015 KelurahanMentengDalam, Jakarta Selatan 12870 Indonesia

e-mail: shmi@cbn.net.id
website: None

Country: Indonesia

We Are The Common People

What We Do? The over-all objective of the We Are The Common People is service to humanity.It's remain a decated and ideal organisation working constructively intamdem with the principles of non-violance,peace,solidirity and public welfare.We work for the overall development of rural and urban population.

e-mail: wtcp.org@gmail.com
website: None

Country: India

Women for Human Rights (WHR)

Women for Human Rights (WHR), established in 1994, is a Non Governmental Organization working for the socio-cultural, economic and political rights of the widows of Nepal. WHR envisages to create a just and an equitable society where there will be no discrimination on the basis of Marital status. It is dedicated to create an active network of widows across the nation, regional and International level and one of the major activities of WHR has been the advocacy for the rights of widows of Nepal. WHR has organized over 84,000 widows in 1050 Village Development Committees and municipality of 73 districts of Nepal and has succeeded in mobilizing them as key "Agents of Change" in their respective communities

e-mail: csw@mail.com.np, lily@whr.org.np
website: http://www.whr.org.np

Country: Nepal

Women Institution for Study and Advocacy (eLPeKA)

Peacebuilding activities (past 2 years) : human rights promotion, civil society strengthening, gender issues promoting, tolerance and pluralism, advocacy/lobbying, Peacebuilding activities (coming 2 years) : gender issues, promoting tolerance, and pluralism, human rights promotion

e-mail: elpeka-ptk@yahoo.com, asmaniar@yahoo.com
website: None

Country: Indonesia

Women Watch, Bangladesh, (WWB)

Peacebuilding: To promote Awareness of Human Rights abuses

e-mail: tomall@bol-online.com
website: None

Country: Bangladesh

Working Group on Weapons Reduction

conflict prevention: WGWR led teams of student volunteers to gather over 5700 self portrait cards as part of the Million Faces Petition, supporting Cambodia's participation in an international Arms Trade Treaty to regulate arms brokering and stem the dangerous cross-border flow of weapons. The Working Group for Weapons Reduction will continue working vigorously confront the threats to Cambodian society posed by small arms abuse.

e-mail: wgwr.peproject@online.com.kh, wgwroffice@wgwr.org
website: None

Country: Cambodia

World Peace Center of MAEER's MIT

World peace Centre of MAEER's MIT, Pune, India is committed to promote the "Culture of Peace" through value based "Universal Education System" with a firm belief that "The Union of Science and Religion/Spirituality will alone bring peace to the mankind."

e-mail: drvdkarad@wpc-pune.co.in, dir@wpc-pune.co.in, p_e@wpc-pune.co.in, interfaith@wpc-pune.co.in
website: None

Country: India


السوريون الأحرار Free Syrians FS حكومة الإنقاذ المسيفرة – درعا: قال د. أحمد الزعبي مؤسس (السوريون الأحرار) ان جميع المواطنين السوريين أفراداً وجماعات، مدعوون للعمل معاً يداً بيد لإنقاذ سورية، والإستجابة لنداء العقل والخلق والضمير. وأكد د. الزعبي على ضرورة تشكيل حكومة إنقاذ مؤقتة ، مهمتها إبعاد الوحوش عن السلطة، وتضميد الجراح، والإعداد لحكومة منتخبة، تلبي مطالب الشعب في الأمن والحرية والعدل للجميع . وأضاف د. الزعبي: المواطنون جميعاً هم أعضاء طبيعيون في (السوريون الأحرار) وتسجيل عضوية 2014 إنما يهدف إلى تنظيم النشاط وحشد الطاقات من أجل سورية الجديدة . ودعا د. الزعبي إلى التواصل معه لهذا الهدف . بريد إلكتروني: Info@FreeSyrians.org السوريون الأحرار Free Syrians FS مؤسس (السوريون الأحرار) د.أحمد الزعبي، مؤسس (السوريون الأحرار) من المسيفرة- درعا التي ارتبط اسمها بالنضال التاريخي والراهن. أول معارض لحكم حزب البعث منذ عام 1963. محام واستاذ جامعي في القانون الدولي. دعا إلى حرية الشعب السوري في مواجهة الفساد والاستبداد، فتعرض للمضايقات والتفتيش والاعتقال والإبعاد، وكذلك أبناؤه تعرضوا للمضايقات والتوقيف والمنع من العودة إلى سورية. وتعرض كثير من أقاربه للتعذيب والقتل والتشويه والشلل والسرقة . وقدموا لسورية كوكبة من الشهداء والمصابين من الرجال والنساء وطلاب المدارس والأطفال. نشأ د. الزعبي في أسرة علمية، وكان والده الشيخ عبدالكريم خطيباً ومفتياً ومشاركاً في نشاطات الشيخ بدر الدين الحسيني والد رئيس الجمهورية السورية الأسبق تاج الدين الحسيني، والشيخ علي الدقر من علماء دمشق القدامى. تعلم د. الزعبي الفقه الإسلامي من أبيه، ومن الشيخ مصطفى الزرقا والشيخ مصطفى السباعي، رحمهم الله. له مؤلفات ومقالات وشارك في كثير من النشاطات والمؤتمرات حول الديمقراطية وحقوق الإنسان. السوريون الأحرار Free Syrians FS مبادىء أساسية 1- السوريون جميعاً أحرارٌ متساوون في الكرامة والحقوق ، يتعاملون بروح المواطنة والإخاء . 2- سورية لجميع السوريين: مقيمين ومهاجرين ، رجالاً ونساءً ، أفراداً وجماعات، عرباً وأكراداً وأرمن وسريان وشركس وتركمان ، مسلمين سنة وشيعة وعلويين ودروز وإسماعيليين ، ومسيحيين ويهود ، ومن جميع المنابت والمذاهب والأصول . 3- حماية الحريات العامة، بما فيها حرية الرأي، والإعلام، والاجتماع والتنظيم، وحرية التدين . وضمان حق المواطن في المعرفة ، والمناقشة ، والإنتقاد . 4- حماية الحرية الشخصية، والخصوصية، ومنع المضايقات، والإيذاء المادي والمعنوي . 5- الحكم للشعب ، لا ينفرد به شخص أو جماعة ، ويتم تغيير المسؤولين من خلال انتخابات دورية نزيهة . 6- الحكم خدمة عامة ، ليس فيه إستعلاء ولا امتيازات . 7- الحكم بالقانون لا بالأهواء ، وينطبق بالتساوي على الجميع . 8- السلطة القضائية مستقلة ، نزيهة ، لا تخضع لغير القانون والضمير. 9- تشجيع الأعمال والاستثمار، ومنع الاحتكار، وتوفير فرص العمل ، والضمان الاجتماعي ، وتحسين معيشة الناس والصحة والتعليم ، في إطار الحرية والعدل للجميع . 10- التأكيد على الكفاءة والأمانة والشفافية والإتقان في أجهزة الدولة ، ومنع استخدامها لغير واجباتها ، ومنع التمييز لأي سبب كان ، والحرص على المال العام . 11- تأهيل الجيش وأجهزة الأمن للدفاع والحفاظ على أمن المواطنيين ، والإسهام في التنمية . 12-إقامة علاقة سورية بغيرها على الاحترام المتبادل، والمصالح المشتركة، والإسهام في التعاون الدولي من أجل السلام والتنمية. عضوية 2014 الاسم: البلدة: المحافظة: مكان الإقامة الحالي: أعلى شهادة علمية: الخبرات: العمل الحالي: مستقل تنظيم بريد إلكتروني: السوريون الأحرار Free Syrians FS Interim Government in Syria Mseifreh-Daraa: Dr. Ahmed Alzubi, founder of (Free Syrians) said that Syrian citizens: individuals and groups, are all invited to work together, hand in hand, to save Syria, and to respond to principles of mind, ethics and conscience. Dr.Alzubi asserted the need of an interim government with a mission to expulsion of barbarians from power, healing, and preparing for an elected government, that meets people demands of security, liberty and justice for all. Dr. Alzubi added that all citizens are natural members of (Free Syrians) and 2014 membership registration aims at organizing for New Syria. Dr. Alzubi called the Syrian people to communicate with him to achieve this goal. E-mail: Info@FreeSyrians.org السوريون الأحرار Free Syrians FS (Free Syrians) Founder Dr. Ahmed Alzubi, founder of the Free Syrians, from Mseifreh-Daraa, the well known name associated with historic and current struggle for freedom . First opponent to al Ba'ath party rule since 1963. Lawyer and university professor of international law. He called for freedom of the Syrian people, confronting corruption and tyranny, and he was subjected to official harassment, inspection, arrest and deportation, his sons also were subjected to harassment, arrest and prevention from return to their homeland, and many of his relatives were subjected to torture, murder, distortion, paralysis and were stolen by force, they presented to Syria a constellation of martyrs and injured men, women, students and children . Dr. Alzubi grew up in educated family, his father Sheikh Abdul Karim Alzubi, was orator, jurist and participant in the activities of Sheikh Badr El-Din Al-Hussaini father of former President of the Republic of Syria Taj El-Din Al-Hussaini, and Sheikh Ali Al-Diqer, old famous scholar in Damascus. Dr. Alzubi learned Islamic jurisprudence from his father and scholar Mustafa Al-Zarqa and Dr. Mustafa Al-Siba’i. Dr. Alzubi wrote books and articles and participated in activities and conferences on democracy and human rights . السوريون الأحرار Free Syrians FS Basic Guidelines 1- All Syrians are free and equal in dignity and rights, should act in a spirit of citizenship and brotherhood. 2- Syria for all Syrians: residents and migrants, men and women, individuals and groups, Arabs, Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians Circassians, Turkmen, Muslims Sunni and Shia, Alawites, Druze, Ismailis, Christians, Jews, and followers of all doctrines, denominations and origins. 3- Protection of basic freedoms, including freedom of opinion, religion, media, assembly, association, and citizen's right to know, discuss, and criticize. 4- Protection of personal freedom and privacy, and preventing harassment, and physical & non physical harm. 5- Rule of people, not of one person or group, and officials be replaced through periodic and genuine elections. 6- Rule in Syria is a public service, with no superiority and no privileges. 7- Rule of law, not indulgent, applies equally to all . 8- Judiciary is independent, impartial, and subject only to the law and conscience. 9- Encouraging business, investment, preventing monopoly, providing employment opportunities, social security, and improving people's lives, health and education, within liberty and justice for all. 10- Emphasis on qualifications, honesty, transparency and perfection in state agencies, and prevent misuse it and prevent discrimination for any reason. and protection of public properties . 11- Rehabilitation of the army and security services to defend and maintain security of citizens, and to contribute to the country’s development . 12- Establishing Syria relations with others on mutual respect, joint interests and contribution to international cooperation for peace and development . السوريون الأحرار Free Syrians FS بريد إلكتروني: Info@FreeSyrians.org الموقع الرسمي على الإنترنت: http://www.FreeSyrians.org

e-mail: hussamalzubi0@gmail.com
website: http://www.FreeSyrians.org

Country: Syrian Arab Republic

YayasanPelitaKasihAbadi (PEKA)

An NGO specialised in providing education for marginal communities. Peka also provides assistance in Maluku post-conflict peace dialog. In Aceh, provide help to tsunami survivor in cooperation with CRS Indonesia.

e-mail: ypekamdo@indosat.net.id
website: None

Country: Indonesia

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