2018 CSO Alumni

Local Level Initiatives


Country Radio Azad



Country AMAN Indonesia



Country Umang Development Foundation



Country Freed Kamaiya Women Development Fund



Country Kadtabanga Foundation for Peace and Development Advocates



Country Towards Responsive Citizens


Youth-Led Initiatives


Country Youth Association and Development

Name: Youth Association and Development

Cross-Border Initiatives 


Country Association of War-Affected Women







Other notable organizations who will receive partial funding

Local Initiatives


Digo Bikash Samaj – For their transformative work in women’s empowerment and efforts to educate communities in Kailali District about the effects of gender-based violence.

Samabeshi Foundation – For influencing policies to eliminate caste-based discrimination in Nepal


Peace and Justice Network – Providing accessible justice and encouraging traditional dispute resolution mechanisms  to ensure the equal dissemination of Constitutional rights and freedoms

Society for Mobilizing Advocacy and Justice (SMAAJ) – For their compelling work with women affected by honour killings through the provision of counselling, psycho-social programmes and their proposal to implement  awareness workshops in the poorest communities of Baluchistan

Sri Lanka:

Women’s Resource Centre – For engaging with war widows from different ethnicities to address not only their shared legal grievances, but also the root causes of ethnic conflict


Women, Peace and Studies Organization (WPSO) – For promoting and training women as peace negotiators, and their proposal to conduct influential research on women’s roles within the framework of peace and security in Afghanistan.


Natural Aceh – For their efforts to reduce the vulnerabilities of women in the semi-autonomous Banda Aceh Province of Indonesia through lobbying for their increased participation in government, and plans to provide support to female headed households

Cross-Border Initiatives

Asian Muslims Action Network (AMAN) Foundation (Myanmar and Sri Lanka) – For leading gender inclusive policy changes at the regional Asia-Pacific and global levels

Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies (Pakistan and Afghanistan) – For their proposal to conduct cross-border research, primarily between Afghanistan and Pakistan, to help provide a safe space for academics, government, and CSOs to engage in dialogues on peace in the region

Youth-Led Initiatives

Public Awareness Time Hour Organization (PATH-O) (Afghanistan) – For their work with children and youth in peacebuilding, focusing on inclusion in political processes and plans to lobby for the freedom of expression in Afghan youth

Social Development Coordination Center (SDCC) (Nepal) – For leading youth initiatives that engage children and young women in tackling gender issues, such the dowry system, education, health, and hygiene as well as planned dialogues to further empower girls in Parsa District

Asia Young Indigenous Peoples Network (AYIPN) (Philippines) – Mobilizing youth in dialogues on Women, Peace and Security in the agrarian Cagayan Valley, as well as proposed plans to provide protection for women’s rights advocates in the region

Cordilleran Youth Center (CYC) (Philippines) – Engaging the youth in the rural communities of Cordilleran in Northern Luzon in dialogues around their political participation potential, and their proposal to hold dialogues addressing the unequal distribution of resources as one of the root causes of conflict