Radio Azad

The province of Balkh lies in northeast Afghanistan bordering Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. As elsewhere in the country, women from the Balkh have limited access to education, health, and other services. Cases of violence against women in Afghanistan are seldom reported and few women have information about the laws in place to protect them.

Radio Azad is a non-government, non-profit organization registered in 2016 in the Balkh province, targeting women, girls and youth to provide open media broadcasting. Radio AZAD’s primary mission is to provide open media broadcasting that targets the region’s 60% women, girls and youth population. Radio AZAD was established to support Afghanistan’s post-conflict environment by broadcasting independent voices and pluralistic programming, framed by themes of democratic process, human and women rights, social change, and sustainable peace. 

Radio Azad sought support from N-Peace for a series of live roundtable radio show programmes, a 30-minute radio show reporting on local women in the province, and producing one-minute radio spots about women’s rights from gender advocates and legal experts. These radio productions hope to reach 1.2 million women and girls in the region, covering all 14 districts in the province.

They are awarded for their proposal to provide wide-scale radio programming, engaging gender advocates and legal experts in issues relating to the empowerment of women in the Balkh Province of Afghanistan.



You can find Radio Azad on Twitter.