Electronita Duan

Electronita is an advocate for peacebuilding through education, specifically education and empowerment for women from Indonesia.

Following the 1999 conflicts between the Christian and Muslim communities in North Halmahera, Indonesia, Electronita founded Politeknik Pembangunan Halmahera. The organisation is a higher educational institution for people whose studies have been disrupted as a result of the conflict. She also established community organisations and empowerment projects, with a focus on education as a means of creating economic opportunities.

Electronita went on to support the Asia Muslim Action Network (AMAN) Women’s Schools for Peace programmes, where she applied her experience of peacebuilding through education to AMAN. AMAN’s country director, Ruby Khalifah, who also won an N-Peace Award in 2016, stated that Electronita was a strong role model in encouraging people to pursue peace through creative means.