Hajji Khalil

Hajji Khalil is a former jihadist commander, who then became a prosecutor, district governor, and, for the last three years, has been the head of the Badghis Provincial Peace Council in Afghanistan. Under his tenure and through his interventions, around 1500 Taliban members have joined Hajji’s programme aimed at reconciliation and peace.

Since undertaking these roles, Hajji has encouraged and enabled more than 500 families to join the peace process in the Badghis Province, with over 300 women being trained and empowered through bespoke courses in tailoring and carpet weaving, promoting independence and women’s rights.

Hajji has also supported the Afghan Peace and Reintegration Programme, where he was able to establish effective cooperation between security agencies, development agencies, and local councils at a time of instability and insecurity. Additionally, the integration of armed opposition groups, such as the Taliban, and the implementation of more than 30 agricultural and vocational training programmes have improved the security situation in the province significantly.

Hajji continues to contribute to conflict management in the province, and through this, is paving the way to an inclusive and peaceful Afghanistan.