Syarifah Aliyyah Shihab

Following the September 11 attacks in 2001, there have been recurring terrorist attacks in Indonesia. Syarifah Aliyyah Shihab has been exposed to this turbulent political and social situation from a young age and therefore decided to fund the Syarifah Aliyyah Shihab Foundation in 2007.

Syarifah now operates the organisation’s programme ‘Your Talent Success’, which is a talent coaching initiative for teenagers from poor and remote regions of Indonesia. The aim of the organisation is to provide the youth involved with alternative opportunities, to discourage them from being influenced by fundamentalist and extremist opportunities.
Since 2007, the organisation has reached out to over 1.5 million teenagers in Indonesia. The Foundation has also started counselling and support programmes, through which young people can receive guidance by phone and social media chat services.

Syarifah’s contribution to the creation of an anti-terrorism mentality among youth in Indonesia has been recognised internationally. She has received 5 national awards including the Young Caring Professionals Award in 2012, the Inspiring Women 2013 by Nova Magazine, and the Lupus Achievement Award in 2014 by the Lupus Foundation.

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