Nepal has a progressive legal framework for the protection of women’s rights which aims to create an enabling environment for gender equality. Efforts are now needed to ensure effective implementation at local and provincial levels in light of the introduction of the federal system in 2017. This year the N-Peace CSO Small Grants will support the strengthening of implementation of laws and policies that protect the rights of women and promote gender empowerment; this includes policies on gender-based violence, chhaupadi, the dowry system, truth and reconciliation and discrimination of marginalized groups.

Congratulations to the following organizations who have been selected for the small grants!

Radha Paudel Foundation

For identifying inter-sectional concerns pertaining to sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), advocating for the acknowledgment of menstrual dignity rights,  and, strengthening of community and institutional mechanisms addressing the gendered impact of harmful cultural practices such as chhaupadi.

National Indigenous Women Federation (NIWF)

For its work in ensuring the recognition of indigenous women’s land rights, and data driven research on the rates of sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) in indigenous communities.

Accountability Lab – Nepal

For engaging innovative solutions to empower women’s agency to call for the implementation of gender protection laws at community and national levels.