Khojasta Sameyee

Khojasta Sameyee is an Afghan journalist who through her work creates awareness about issues affecting women’s rights and empowerment. She has written articles for 8am Daily, a popular news outlet in Afghanistan, and currently works as a project manager for women-related programmes at a private radio station, Radio Azad. Located in the Northeaster Balkh province of Afghanistan, Radio Azad seeks to provide open media broadcasting to the region’s women, girls, and youth population who lack access to information. They also work to support Afghanistan’s post-conflict reconstruction by broadcasting independent voices on themes such as democracy, human and women’s rights, social change, and sustainable peace.

Khojasta uses her position at Radio Azad to bring visibility to women’s voices and experiences in Balkh province. She has helped in producing and broadcasting series like “Women in the Lights of Law” which features women from civil society organizations, religious and community leaders, journalists and legal defenders speaking about how they are paving the way for women’s inclusion in Balkh society. Khojasta promotes gender-inclusive peace in Afghanistan through a variety of roles including her work with the Government Media and Information Center, reporting parliamentary elections training in Kabul, and through an internship from USAID promoting women in government.