Mira Kusumarini

Violent extremism has become a rising security concern in Indonesia. Growing numbers of terror attacks threaten lives and instils fear among the public. Mira Kusumarini, a leading member of the civil society movement in preventing violent extremism, is well known for her work promoting peaceful dialogues and peace education. In her role as the Director of Search for Common Ground Indonesia, Kusumarini has worked with youth, correction officers, and faith organizations to combat violent extremism. 


Kusumarini co-founded the Civil Society Action Against Violent Extremism, or C-Save, who work in community engagement, policy advocacy, and research. She also leads Empatiku (My Empathy) who work with ISIS-affiliated children and women deportees to reintegrate them safely into society. Through her commitment towards peace programs, business, and women’s empowerment, Kusumarini is a dedicated promoter of messages of peace.