Untold Stories

The Untold Stories award recognizes the efforts of women who have demonstrated skills in conflict resolution, prevention, and peacebuilding in their local communities. One woman from each country (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal, the Philippines, and Indonesia) that N-Peace is engaged with is annually awarded for their work towards advancing Women, Peace and Security, shedding light on pan-regional WPS activists working at the grassroots level.

Through the Untold Stories award, we not only recognize women who are doing important and unique work towards WPS in their community but also shed light on their personal stories of struggle, and how they were inspired to become activists. Empowering these women is essential to ensuring that even the most remote communities can begin to value the experiences and expertise of women and girls in post-conflict and peacebuilding processes.

Nominees must be over 26 years of age.


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