Zarqa Yaftali

Zarqa Yaftali supports efforts in  inclusion of women in decision making at a national level, while also producing research that looks into the intersectional issues faced by women on the ground. Currently serving as the Executive Director for the Women and Children Legal Research Foundation (WCLRF), Zarqa also serves on the boards of Women’s Regional Network (WRN), Gender Advisory Board, and Afghanistan Constitutional Network.

Her research is a call on the urgency of discrimination and violence against women and girls. Works such as ‘Early Marriage in Afghanistan’ (2008) and ‘Women Right to Heritage and Property’ (2011) provide evidence based research highlighting the day-to-day challenges women face in Afghanistan. Zarqa has previously  served as a Board Member for Afghan Women’s Network (AWN), and is currently the Chair of Advocacy for Approval of Family Law, the Sexual Harassment Advocacy Group, and is Co-Chair of the Child Protection Action Network (CPAN).