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N-Peace Partners

N-Peace Partners

The N-Peace network provides support to an array of organizations and women leaders, training, and a forum to voice their ideas, experiences and contributions both in their own country and across six countries of focus for the network: Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar, the Philippines and Afghanistan.

N-Peace is coordinated by:
United Nations Development Programme
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is the UN's global development network, an organization advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life. In 2005, UNDP established the Asia-Pacific Regional Centre in Bangkok to strengthen its partnerships and promote regional capacity building initiatives. This allows UNDP, governments and other development partners to identify, create and share knowledge to solve development challenges in the areas of Governance; Energy and Sustainable development; and Crisis prevention and Recovery with the overall aim of reducing poverty and achieving the Millennium Development Goals. UNDP promotes south-south cooperation as an essential part of knowledge sharing and promotes gender equality as central to all its efforts.

The UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub and the UNDP Country Offices from Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar, Indonesia, the Philippines and Afghanistan facilitate the N-Peace network.

N-Peace Activities are carried out in partnership with:
The Institute for Inclusive Security
The Institute for Inclusive Security uses research, training, and advocacy to promote the inclusion of all stakeholders, particularly women, in peace processes. The organization works with a global network of well over 1,000 women leaders from more than 40 conflict regions. The Institute for Inclusive Security's research gives policymakers new strategies to drive inclusion by examining tangible contributions of women peace builders. The organization's training provides leaders the specialized skills and knowledge to direct local, national, and international peace building. The Institute's advocacy to high-level policymakers promotes change that makes peace processes more broad-based, and thus sustainable.

The Institute for Inclusive Security’s uses a unique teaching tool - Inclusive Security: A Curriculum for Women Waging Peace, that aims to foster strong coalitions, enhance problem solving skills, bolster confidence, and most significantly result in a concrete agenda for advancing women’s leadership in peace and security.
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