Our Supporters

N-Peace would like to thank our special supporters who have provided our initiative with generous contributions of time, advocacy, and resources.

Cindy Bishop

Cindy Sirinja Bishop is an actor, model, social media influencer and the television host of Asia’s Next Top Model. In 1996, Cindy won the Miss Thailand World pageant and represented Thailand in the Miss World pageant in Bangalore, India. She has appeared in a number of Thai drama series including Gossip Girl: Thailand and The OC Thailand. For her role in the movie The King Maker, she was nominated for the best supporting actress at the 2005 Suphanahong Awards. She is a passionate advocate for women’s rights and has most recently spurred the feminist movement #DontTellMeHowToDress in response to advice issued for the 2018 Thai Songkran festival, urging women to dress conservatively in order to prevent sexual harassment. The campaign more generally addresses the blame and shame experienced by women survivors of sexual violence. 

“A lot of times you hear people asking women what they were wearing when [sexual harassment occurs], not just during Songkran,” says Cindy. “Across the globe, you have the feminist movement, the #MeToo movement, conversation on this topic is growing and in the same way, I hope in Thailand this movement continues beyond Songkran.”

Follow Cindy on Instagram, Twitter or for more go to her website.

Pinaree Sanpitak

The N-Peace Award trophies are designed by renowned Thai contemporary and conceptual artist Pinaree Sanpitak. Pinaree is one of Thailand’s most respected artists and has been called a “champion of feminist causes and vision” by the Wall Street Journal. Educated in Japan in the 1980s, over the past twenty years, her work has been featured in numerous museums and major biennales across Asia, Europe and the United States. Her most recent exhibitions include Hanging By a Thread, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), USA (2013), Female Power, Museum voor Moderne Kunst, Arnhem, The Netherlands (2013); All Our Relations, 18th Biennale of Sydney, Australia (2012), and in 2011, Here / Not Here, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, USA; Roundabout, City Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand and Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel; Negotiating Home, History, and Nation: Two Decades of Contemporary Art in Southeast Asia, 1991-2011, Singapore Art Museum.

The trophies are a personalised version of her ‘Ma-Lai’ collection. Find out more via Pinaree’s blog, written exclusively for UNDP, about the trophies’ significance. 

Our Volunteers

N-Peace is incredibly grateful for the volunteer help it receives every year from young creatives, professionals, and writers. For a future opportunity to volunteer with N-Peace, please consult the Online UN Volunteer platform.

Gabe Wong

This year’s N-Peace illustrations were provided by Gabe Wong. Gabe is a graphic designer, illustrator and educator. He is interested in the visual representation of value systems and cultures. Gabe is based in Vancouver, Canada and teaches at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

The concept behind this year’s illustration focuses around the idea of peace as process through movement. In the foreground, a woman and a man stand in discussion. Their discussion of peace is represented through young branches springing from their mouths. Around them are seven birds in flight representing the seven programming countries of N-Peace (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal, Indonesia and the Philippines). These birds are a metaphor of the peace dove, swooping in to pluck twigs from the conversations of the peacebuilders below them, thereby carrying away the fruits of their negotiations to their home. Behind them, the grey and turbulent wind represents the inherent complexity of peace processes. 

More about his work can be found on his website.

Manuela Fiori 

Manuela is a Sardinian illustrator, content producer and storyteller based in London. Her company Inner Vision Wonders works with collaborators, using illustration and storytelling techniques to provide innovative and eye-catching visual business solutions. She is the designer of the N-Peace Country Profile Maps and believes that a single image is definitely worth a thousand words. “Images have the capacity to break cultural and geographical barriers, and help us communicate when words can’t,” she says. “This is why I decided to bring my visual communication skills to good use through supporting UNDP’s N-Peace. The program supports noble causes and I’m thankful for being able to help.”

Find out more about Manuela’s work on her website.

Emily McDonnell-Thomas

Emily has recently finished a Masters at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in Human Rights, studying human rights law, the theory and philosophical foundations of human rights, African development, culture and security in global politics, securitisation, and gender studies. Her thesis examined psychosocial support for orphans in post-conflict environments, with the Rwandan genocide as a case study.

Emily works with the Ethiopian Women’s Empowerment Group where she teaches English to children affected by the Grenfell Tower disaster. She is currently an intern with Anti-Slavery International where she works in the fundraising department, and a Policy Officer once a week for Children and Families Across Borders, assisting with their research on policy changes after Brexit for children’s rights. As an N-Peace volunteer, Emily is researching and writing biographies of award alumni. You can connect with Emily on LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter.