The Peace Generation

The Peace Generation Award annually recognizes the work of one young woman and one young man who have demonstrated volunteerism as a powerful means of promoting social cohesion and reconciliation through engaging people, especially youth, in Women, Peace and Security (WPS) efforts. This award recognizes the work of youth volunteers or youth workers in policy change, advocacy and mobilization, or community action that has resulted in the advancement of WPS. Youth are the future of their communities; their advocacy and inclusion is essential gender-inclusive peace.

While N-Peace is dedicated to ensuring that young women have a seat at the peacebuilding table, we also value the role that young men can and must play towards making the WPS agenda a reality. Changing young men’s attitudes towards women’s involvement in peace processes is crucial to creating inclusive and sustainable peace.

There are additional eligibility criteria to be nominated for this award. 

Nominees must:

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