Bimala Kadayat

Born in a small village in the far-western region of Nepal, Bimala Kadayat had a very difficult upbringing. At the age of eight, Bimala’s father passed away and Bimala was forced to not only look after herself but also for her four siblings.

In order to afford an education, Bimala spent her childhood doing menial jobs. Despite the hardships, Bimala never lost sight of her ambitious drive for self-development and helping those around her.

When Bimala’s brothers became members of a local youth organization in their village, Bimala immediately grew curious and wanted to join. Although the youth club wasn’t welcoming of female members, Bimala persisted and eventually joined the youth club as a member. On her own initiative, Bimala began organizing various awareness raising initiatives and campaigns to impart knowledge on issues of bonded labour, violence against women and child marriage, to other youth and village members. Shortly after, Bimala established her very own youth organization with the objective of making youth more responsible for their communities. Slowly but surely her organization began to grow to develop partnerships with larger youth networks and today it is a fully self-sustained organization with various community development and peacebuilding projects running in the community.

Through her experience working with various developmental projects, Bimala developed into a youth mobilizer and a role model in her village. Bimala’s growing interest to work for people affected by conflict especially youth, led her to travel to remote districts of Bajura, Accham, Jumla and Rolpa to give experiential trainings for harmony between the politically divided youth. Through her work, Bimala has greatly contributed to the social reintegration and reconciliation of children and youth who had been involved in armed conflicts. Bimala has come a long way from being a modest youth mobilizer to being known today in her district as Bimala didi (elder sister) the peacebuilder!