Youth-Led Initiatives

Attitudes towards gender and gender equality are often developed in infancy. In order to change long-held beliefs about women’s rights, it is important that we invest in organizations that seek to both change the attitudes of young people, and involve youth in peacebuilding and post-conflict decision-making. The experiences of girl children are particularly overlooked in conflict and post-conflict contexts. Girls in conflict zones are at an increased risk of facing sexual and physical violence, being trafficked, entering into forced or early marriages and being excluded from aid and humanitarian initiatives.

It is important to support initiatives that recognize these vulnerabilities and seek to support both girls and boys, to fully realize their human rights. Young people are both ambassadors and the future of their communities. That is why each year N-Peace recognizes one outstanding civil society organisation which is either youth-led or contributes to youth engagement in the Women, Peace and Security Agenda.

Notable Alumni organisations include