N-Peace Awards

Welcome to the N-Peace Awards! 

The Awards were first launched in 2011  to recognise and profile women and men leaders and peace-builders creating change at the grassroots to national levels in Asia. Coordinated by the N-Peace Network, across Indonesia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal, Afghanistan Sri Lanka and the Philippines, the Awards shine a light on women and men who demonstrate leadership in peace balding and empowering communities. 


Voting will run through 30 September, 2017

Please note, you cannot vote for the same person more than once. Multiple attempts to vote for a candidate will be not be included in the counted votes. Please see below to our inspiring list of nominees. 

Happy Voting!

Untold Stories

Campaigning for action

Peace Generation

A reminder on our categories: 

Category I: Untold Stories: women transforming their communities (one Awardee from each country)

This award recognizes the efforts of women who have demonstrated skills in conflict resolution, prevention and peace building in their communities. There can be seven winners in total for this category, one winner from each of the seven countries. This category focuses on sharing the stories of women who work at the grassroots level, the ones who work tirelessly for change.

Category II: Campaigning for Action – one woman and man mobilizing for peace at the subnational level (one women and one man)

This award recognizes the work of a woman and a man whose mobilization and advocacy efforts have resulted in the advancement of women, peace and security, particularly at the sub-national level.

Category III: Peace Generation – young women and men building peace (one woman and one man)

This award recognizes the work of a young woman and man who promote social cohesion and reconciliation through engaging people. Their efforts in policy change, advocacy and mobilization, media communications, or community action have resulted in the advancement of women, peace and security.