Dewi Rana Amir

Dewi Rana Amir is a legal practitioner working to advance the Women, Peace and Security Agenda in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. She currently serves as the Chair of YBH Bantaya, a legal aid organization providing support to agrarian communities.

Dewi explores the intersectional challenges faced by women and girls in agrarian communities. Her work centers around community ownership of resources, and using this as a gateway to exploring broader issues of gender equality in agrarian communities.

Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2005, and identified as part of the ‘1,000 Peace Women’, her work on women’s access to land rights in agrarian communities, the promotion of the rights of indigenous communities, and elimination of violence against women continues to be recognized at local and global levels.

Dewi is a part of a global network of women peacebuilders (Peace X Peace Global Network). She further serves as a Fellow for the Ford Foundation International Fellowship Program (IFP).